Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Revealed the shocking truth about trump protesters true identity!

The United States of America are facing one of the worst periods in their recent history. Some people, obviously, use everything in their power to make chaos in our society. They use mainstream media and other mass-media tools to compromise the democracy and push our young folks into unsuccessful try to complete their crazy goals. In Portland, this passed every limit. We wrote so many posts about this topic, but its just getting worse…

Most of the 112 people who were arrested in Portland, Ore., protesting Donald Trump’s election didn’t vote — in Oregon, at least — a Portland TV station found.

KGW-TV compiled a list of the 112 protesters who have been arrested by Portland police during the protests and compared the list to state voter logs.

The records showed that 35 of them weren’t registered to vote, and another 34 of them were registered but didn’t vote in the Nov. 8 election.

The voting records of another 17 protesters had not been verified by KGW late Monday.

Most of the arrests were made Saturday night when the protest turned violent.

At least one of the daily Portland protests has been termed a riot by police.

Thousands have gathered for protests in cities around the country since Trump won the election a week ago, with Oregon being deemed the “epicenter” of the demonstrations.

During a rowdy protest Friday night in Portland, one man was shot, suffering non life-threatening injuries.

Continuing the trend, Portland area students walked out of school Monday in protest of a Trump presidency.

The move started at Pioneer Courthouse Square and moved to City Hall. Unlike some of the downtown protests, however, there were no arrests, no injuries and no violence in the student-led march.

Students from at least seven schools illegally blocked traffic, but with no real parent or teacher supervision, police worked with the kids, blocking streets temporarily to traffic in order to keep them safe.

About 100 students appeared to be participating.

After spending about 30 minutes demonstrating at Pioneer Courthouse Square, the group headed to Portland City Hall.Most of the students involved are too young to have voted in the election.

America, WAKE UP ! This is completely wrong! They use our children for political purposes? DO this students know about Hilary crimes, do they know about what values their mainstream-media promotes, do they know how Rotschilds want to make them slaves, do they know that they make themselves a police-file and that can cause big problem in their life? I don’t think so… Fellow american brothers and sisters-protect your kids and oppose the evil!