Friday, October 20, 2017
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SURPRISE! Trump Said He’d Destroy ISIS… Well, HE JUST DID IT!

Right now, President-elect Donald Trump is seeking advice and also making choices about who is going to be part of his cabinet when he takes the office in January 20th,2017. We believe that Trump will fill the positions with Republicans who are good patriots and conservative in nature.

We are expecting to see Rudy Giuliani and Ben Carson in some of the positions. But one of his choices surprises everyone. Trump offered the position of “National Security Advisor” to retired Lt.Gen. Michael Flynn. He was fired, before, for criticizing Obama’s ISIS efforts, so this offer will be major slap for Obama.

President-elect Donald Trump has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn the post of national security adviser, a transition official told Fox News Thursday night.

The official said that Flynn had not yet officially accepted Trump’s offer.

Flynn, who served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) between 2012 and 2014, has advised Trump on national security issues for months. As national security adviser, he would work in the White House and have frequent access to the president.

The position does not require confirmation by the Senate. Whoever holds it is typically shielded from congressional requests to testify or produce documents.

After leaving the DIA, Flynn became a virulent critic of the Obama administration and the Pentagon. He took issue with a wide range of national security policies, including the administration’s approach to fighting ISIS and, more generally, its handling of global affairs.

Flynn asserted that he had been forced out of the DIA because he disagreed with the administration’s approach to combating extremism.

Why are leftists against him? Because he spoke about victimizing of ISIS?

In recent public comments, including his fiery address at July’s Republican National Convention, Flynn has emphasized his view that the threat posed by ISIS requires a more aggressive U.S. military.

Flynn is also a champion of renegotiating the Iran nuclear deal, another foreign policy theme Trump pushed during the campaign.

It’s clear why Obama wanted him out. He opposed the deal that gave Iran a clear path to nuclear weapons.

Do you think Trump is making the right choices?