Monday, October 23, 2017
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Melania Trump Gets Heartbreaking News… DO YOU STAND BY THE TRUMPS?

The liberal media was fighting against Donald Trump ever since he first entered the presidential race. This weekend, they launched yet another low attack on him when the liberal comedy show Saturday Night Live created a skit brutally mocking Melania Trump.

SNL Makes MASSIVE Move To HUMILIATE Melania Trump

Meanwhile, the weekly sketch show completely ignored Bill Clinton, even though his womanizing ways would provide them with tons of material to work with.

“Here lies my last nerve, Donald,” we hear Cecily Strong as Melania Trump say at the top of Saturday Night Live’s strongest pre-taped sketch of this political season.

In Lemonade, Beyoncé took revenge on her cheating husband Jay-Z. Now, thanks to SNL, we have “Melanianade,” a perfectly-executed parody of that visual album in which all of the women in Donald Trump’s life get back at him for making them defend his despicable misogyny.

“I’ve stood by your side this whole campaign, your beautiful, dutiful Melania,” Trump’s wife continues. “I can’t take it anymore.” Joined by host Emily Blunt’s Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon’s flawless Kellyanne Conway, Sasheer Zamata’s Omarosa and Vanessa Bayer’s Tiffany Trump, Melania proceeds to unapologetically tear down Trump’s entire world.

As Alec Baldwin’s Trump appears on CNN with the words “More Accusers Come Forward” in the lower third, Melania takes a baseball bat and smashes his face. “Without us, you wouldn’t be standing there,” they sing. “You’d just be that guy with the weird hair.”

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