Monday, October 23, 2017
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After 46 Years, EPA Will See HUGE Changes Under Trump

President-elect Donald Trump said he was going to drain the swamp and if he remains faithful to that calling, the Environmental Protection Agency will be gone the way of the bye-bye real soon. The EPA is corrupt department that has far outlived its usefulness. One of many I suspect. This is what is meant by draining the swamp!

From The Daily Caller:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began operating 46 years ago after former President Richard Nixon proposed it as a way to address mounting pollution concerns across the country.

EPA celebrated its 46th anniversary Friday, just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump likely takes the agency in a totally different direction compared to the last eight years under President Barack Obama, focusing on clean air and quality instead of global warming.

Not only is Trump looking to roll back Obama-era regulations, the incoming administration reportedly has plans to fundamentally reform major decades-old environmental laws: The Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

No doubt, Trump will work to repeal the “waters of the United States” rule and the Clean Power Plan rule for power plants. But his handlers suggested the new administration would work with Congress to pursue significant legislative changes to stop regulatory overreach.

“We have to get into the weeds so that we can determine definitively what is and what is not a pollutant,” North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, Trump’s energy policy adviser, recently told reporters.

“Have a more prescriptive and clearly defined directions rather than these broad authorities, authorizations, that give too much flexibility to the bureaucracy,” he said.

To do this, Trump has put together an EPA transition team to come up with a plan to figure out which regulations to roll back and what candidates would be good fits for agency positions.

Phased out within the year and all funds sent to the states as one-time block grants, based roughly on population. Then just never fund the operation again.

EPA serves no gainful purpose for the Federal government, it is a slush fund for distribution of government largesse.

Seems the left is totally against jobs by their actions they say they want to help the poor and help middle-class America by creating more jobs but their idea of jobs is flipping burgers mom-and-pop stores to pay just above minimum wage like Americans can survive on that kind of income I am so happy to be part of the shake-up within our government.