Friday, October 20, 2017
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BREAKING: Democrats BUSTED! Recount Exposes Major Voter Fraud In Michigan! See How They Did It!

The recounts proposed by Jill Stein have drug this election out for long enough and the American people are tired of them. They are just a ploy for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton to try and somehow overturn the results of the three Rust Belt States that Hillary was “supposed to win” according to Jill Stein.

The Michigan recount was officially stopped last night from a federal judge and from the news that just came out, it probably stopped voter fraud.

Detroit, being one of the Democrat strongholds in Michigan, was the victim of the fraud.

What would happen is they would scan the same voter card more than once, sometimes even up to six times, when running them through.

Detroit City Clerk Daniel Baxter suddenly started claiming that the decade old voting machines that they used were the real reason why they were scanned more than once after people discovered the discrepancies.

He said that they would jam sometimes accidentally and they would have to run it through again accidentally recounting the same ballot.

This is not a small scale thing either. Baxter continues that sometimes the employees would sometimes fail to adjust the count, leaving these votes to be counted twice.

There were a lot of sometimes in his statements. Too many to be trustworthy.

There is even more evidence of the voter fraud after a recount team in a Detroit Precinct received a sealed envelope of votes that had been signed off on with a count of 306 votes. This envelope had been approved.

Do you know how many were inside of this sealed and supposed to be untouched envelope?


That is up to six times for each ballot!

These people tried to rig the election and still lost!

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