Monday, October 23, 2017
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BREAKING!!! Mike Pence Just Sent A SHOCKING Message To Hillary! His Proposal Is AMAZING! [READ HERE]

Vice-president and Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence made a few statements about Hillary’s Foundation, e-mails scandal, her health and everything else that connects with this shady character.

Pence addressed Hillary, saying that she has to ‘come clean’ with the American people and ‘shut down the Clinton Foundation’.

Here’s his statement:

“It’s time for Hillary Clinton to come clean and level with the American people about the State Department and foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation. This is, learning today, with the revelation today of 725 pages of new State Department documents that she was—it was confirmed that her top aide gave expedited direct access to top Clinton Foundation donors along with the news that the FBI found 15,000 more emails that Hillary Clinton didn’t turn over. I mean, Hillary Clinton has to come out of hiding and start answering questions the American people deserve answers to. It’s really quite a contrast—Clinton has been hiding, and Trump is everywhere.”

The main cause Pence to make this kind of statement was the e-mails from Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right hand. In these mails she has set up a meeting between Hillary and a top donor of her Foundation. But as we know, these weren’t the only e-mails revealed by the FBI. Their investigation found another 15,000 undisclosed e-mails from Hillary’s secret server, hidden from the public and the government. Also, she attempted several times to set up Colin Powell to be responsible for most of her crimes.

According to Powell, Clinton used him as a bait in one of her hearings with the FBI. To this, Pence responded:

“Colin Powell is a man of unimpeachable integrity and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to blame Colin Powell for her decision to have a private server and use a private email account, it’s very offensive to those of us who hold him in high regard and respect his enormous contributions to this nation”.

Pence also said:

“I think Hillary Clinton has to stand before the media and the American people and answer questions about the relationship between foreign and corporate donors to the Clinton Foundation and her actions as Secretary of State. It is breathtaking that the Clintons have announced she will no longer accept corporate and foreign donations if she is elected President of the United States. That’s too little too late. It is remarkable that they now acknowledge that if she becomes president that contributions from corporate and foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation would represent a conflict of interest, when apparently they think that didn’t represent a conflict of interest when she was Secretary of State”.