Sunday, October 22, 2017
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FBI Asst. Director Blasts Hillary – “Traitors Are Shot By Firing Squad!”

Hillary Clinton lost all the support she enjoyed during her campaign.

People are sick and tired of the way she avoids charges and prison. How is she doing it? Get away with every scandal?! That’s a benefit normal people don’t enjoy. She should pay for all that treason and crimes.

As Political Reviewer reports, even the ex-assistant Director of the FBI blasts her.

People don’t understand how awful Hillary hurt our country. Former FBI Asst. Director James Kallstrom compared Hillary’s crimes with the treasonous acts traitors committed during World War II, noting that, “We shot people with a firing squad for disclosing this information in World War II.”

Hillary did exactly the same. She used a private server to send out America’s most classified documents. And she did it on purpose! But, as usual, the Dems would say that this is nothing to worry about.

 Clinton wanted to keep her illegal stuff private, and protect it from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Well, it was the FOIA requests that exposed her private server. Remember the Benghazi case?

There was no way to hide these documents. She literally revealed our national secrets. That’s what Kallstrom meant when he mentioned that they used to shot traitors during World War II. Let’s just mention that he is not the only person who thought of this. Publicly.

One couldn’t “afford” committing a treason during World War II. French women who enjoyed the company of Nazis in France were beaten, shaved, and made to march in a humiliation parade. This was just a bit of the story. Traitors were shot by firing squads.

Hillary Clinton did her crimes with an intention. She worked in favor of herself, and never thought of her people. But, hopefully, she will disappear from the political scene in America for good. Traitors shouldn’t lead this country.

Do you think Hillary will be charged of her crimes? Will criminals finally find their place in this world? Read “prison.”