Friday, October 20, 2017
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Harry Reid: FBI Director Comey and Putin Conspired to Make Trump President (Video)

The Democrats are searching for a scapegoat still because apparently a poorly run campaign, combined with scandals of rigging the primaries, and insulting over half the country don’t add up to losing the election in their mind.

Now the Democrats’ conspiracies are getting way out of hand. First it was the Russian involvement in the election, which has spurred Obama and others to investigate information that they know is false because the reports have been anything but definitive. Next the bogus recounts that only resulted in failure or Donald Trump getting even more votes than he  did in the first count.

Harry Reid just came up with the most ridiculous conspiracy theory of all now!

Harry Reid: The FBI Director didn’t have the decency to respond to my letter. They looked into nothing. It’s obvious he was a parts in all of this. Comey. Yes… We know there were people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians. And now it’s very clear. One of the big mysteries that people think exists. Why didn’t he do something. There’s no mystery to me…

So the Trump campaign was working with the Russians.
And Comey conspired with Putin to take down Hillary.

These people have officially gone insane!

The Democrats are running out of options to blame for their loss because there’s no possible way that they could be at fault for their huge losses in government right?

It must be the Russians.

Why is is so hard for them to believe that America didn’t want to elect someone that couldn’t be less relatable to the American people and only wanted to use them to get elected.

Someone that is owned by Wall Street and hides her emails from the government because otherwise she would be in jail.

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