Monday, October 23, 2017
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What Mike Huckabee Just Said Will Ruin Every Democrats Day! Watch Him Destroy Them All!

The Democrats have not stopped fighting Trump’s victory in the election and it has gotten a bit ridiculous at this point.

Donald Trump won the election fair and square, the lies and rumors about Russian involvement are not based on any facts only speculation.

If they knew the people responsible they would have arrested them at this point. This also comes after Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have said that the person leaking the DNC information is coming from inside the DNC.

Needless to say, people are getting tired of hearing about recounts and rumors of Russian involvement when there is no evidence of such.

These people include Governor Mike Huckabee who’s comments will piss off every Democrat hoping for Trump’s victory to be overturned.

Governor Mike Huckabee: Why would they want him to win? He is everything they hoped they don’t have in a US president. He’s strong. He’s surrounding himself with really tough people. But here’s the other reason that is utter nonsense. I mean true absolute donkey droppings. That’s what this amounts to. The idea that somehow the voters were persuaded by what’s in those DNC emails, let’s be reminded the mainstream media didn’t cover the content of these emails. The people who were covering them were the conservative news publications. Those folks were going to vote for Trump anyway. I think the Democrats were just embarrassed… I would say to the Democrats, “Suck it up snowflakes. You lost.”

FOX Business Network reported:

Governor Huckabee is exactly right. The Democrats do need to suck it up and accept the results. They are just angry that their eight year tenure of the White House is over and their isn’t any young and inspiring options for them in the future.

Get used to Republicans controlling our government!

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