Monday, October 23, 2017
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JUST IN: Crooked Democrat UNEXPECTEDLY RESIGNS Just Days Before Trump Assumes Office! Bad News For Hillary…

Obama’s democrat, “liberal” rule gave the nation everything, but freedom. We witnessed gigantic communication espionage and sick things from the CIA. Many real patriots and whistle blowers raised their voice against the regime.

The communication agency caused huge damage to the common people of America.

In fact,the so called Liberal’s agenda was mostly accomplished in the sphere of mainstream media and the internet.Now these evil snakes are frightened like rabbits because Donald Trump is coming to town!

Democratic Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler announced Thursday that he will be leaving the agency on Donald Trump’s inauguration day, Jan. 20, 2017.

It has been customary for FCC chairman to step down at the start of a new administration, but Wheeler for months had refused to commit to do so, angering Republican lawmakers.

Thune said late last month there’s “no question” that Wheeler’s indecision is “a complicating factor.”

If Wheeler refused to resign, his term would end in 2018.

Wheeler said in a statement announcing his departure, “Serving as FCC Chairman during this period of historic technological change has been the greatest honor of my professional life. It has been a privilege to work with my fellow commissioners to help protect consumers, strengthen public safety and cybersecurity, and ensure fast, fair and open networks for all Americans.”

Variety reported that “Trump has been widely expected to install new leadership at the agency, and he recently recruited two conservative economists — Jeffrey Eisenach and Mark Jamison — for his transition team to focus on the FCC and telecom policy, and both are considered in the running as Trump’s FCC chairman pick.” 

“Wheeler’s tenure was marked by controversy in what was once a relatively sleepy agency. The FCC has become ground zero for large tech debates on high-profile items like regulation regarding cable set top boxes and net neutrality — rules that Donald Trump’s incoming administration is expected to reverse,” according to The Hill

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We need net neutrality. We need internet freedom! The entire world enjoys way better internet connection and information access. These ,,freedom fighters” made everything their own private property, while we all struggle with huge taxes just to make them even richer.