Monday, October 23, 2017
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BREAKING: Without California Hillary Would Have LOST the POPULAR VOTE by 1.4 MILLION

Liberals are constantly screaming about the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, not that it matters. But now we know the only reason she won the popular vote is one state: California.

As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for California, she’d have LOST the “popular vote” by 1.4 million.

This election has is further proof as to why our Electoral College is so important.

 Our Founding Fathers understood that one state or a handful of states should never decide the fate of the majority of states.

California is almost a one-party state.

Liberals rule with an iron fist.

That fact, coupled with illegals voting, is no wonder that Hillary “cleaned up” there.

Investor’s Business Daily reports:

It’s Official: Clinton’s Popular Vote Win Came Entirely From California

Democrats who are having trouble getting out of the first stage of grief — denial — aren’t being helped by the fact that, now that all the votes are counted, Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote has topped 2.8 million, giving her a 48% share of the vote compared with Trumps 46%.

To those unschooled in how the United States selects presidents, this seems totally unfair. But look more closely at the numbers and you see that Clinton’s advantage all but disappears.

As we noted in this space earlier, while Clinton’s overall margin looks large and impressive, it is due to Clinton’s huge margin of victory in one state — California — where she got a whopping 4.3 million more votes than Trump.

California is the only state, in fact, where Clinton’s margin of victory was bigger than President Obama’s in 2012 — 61.5% vs. Obama’s 60%.