Friday, October 20, 2017
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Bill Clinton suffered a crushing political defeat in 1994. The house went from democrat to republican and changed the power structure in Washington. This was Gingrich’s “contract with America” days and while Bill Clinton moaned about having to deal with republicans that divided government worked.

 The debt stopped growing, we had surplus’ a few years and we had a good economy overall. Bill Clinton wants to take the credit, so do the republicans the point is that divided government can work.

The voters know this and more often than not elect a divided government. The best way to keep corruption in check, or government for that matter is to make it compete.

 Monopolies are not good in business and not in politics. So when Bill lost in 1994 it was strange to hear him complain about the people who elected him the “angry white male,

“This is psychologically a difficult time for a lot of white males, the so-called angry white males. Why? Because those who don’t have great educations and who aren’t in jobs which are growing, even though they may have started out ahead of those of you who are female and of different races, most of them are working harder for less money than they were making 15 years ago.”

 No Bill people are angry because politicians like you sold them out. You passed NAFTA. All NAFTA did was make American workers compete with foreign workers on pay. That’s it. It was a gift to corporate America and a death sentence for middle America.

You got bought and paid for to pass it and you left everyone else to fend for themselves. Then you approved China into the World Trade Association and sealed the fate of middle America.

Why? Because it costs a lot, an enormous amount of money to ship goods from China to the USA. If you including the shipping and its associated costs and it is still far more profitable to make goods in China the American worker cannot compete.

It is impossible to play a rigged game.

So whether white makes are angry and want to throw out the bums or they are strategic and want a divided government the results re the same. A Clinton defeat.

Did this time Bill and Hillary blame themselves? Surely they can’t blame white males?

“He doesn’t know much. One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him,” Clinton said about Trump and angry white males.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it right Bill.