Thursday, October 19, 2017
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JUST IN: Trump’s Children Make HEARTBREAKING Announcement – Are You Still With Them?

The Democratic party is making every possible effort to make various problems and obstacles on Trump’s presidential run. While Obama’s spend millions of dollars on Hawaii, they want to put all of Trump’s family assests into a blind trust. This is sick. That means that Trump’s kids wont be able to have an access to any of the goods, as well as their foundations. The children of Donald Trump prove to be honorable people just like their father. Now this happens to them.

Occupy Democrats reported that Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-CT) introduced H.R.6340 called the “Presidential Accountability Act,” which would force both Trump and his Vice President Mike Pence to put all of their assets into a blind trust. This would mean that not only would Trump’s assets be out of his own hands, but they would be out of his children’s as well.

“Every recent president in modern history has taken steps to ensure his financial interests do not conflict with the needs of the American people. The American people need to be able to trust that the President’s decisions are based on the best interests of families at home, and not the President’s financial interests.” Clark said in a statement. “The President of the United States has the power to affect how our tax dollars are spent, who the federal government does business with, and the integrity of America’s standing in a global economy.”

Clark’s bill also states that the president and vice president must “disclose to the Office of Government Ethics and the public when they make a decision that affects their personal finances.” If the bill passes, Trump will basically either have to put all his assets into a blind trust, or be required to make an announcement any time he conducts business.

H/T Truth Monitor

Sore democrat losers. This hit goes under the belt. You want to fabricate new laws just because you are looking for a proper revenge on Donald Trump. But, unlike you, Donald Trump won the election in LEGAL way, according to the constitution. Then, your madness started. KNOCK IT OFF! We will make America great again!