Monday, October 23, 2017
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CNN Spreads Gross Lie About Jesus To Attack Conservatives, It Backfires Big Time

On Christmas CNN tried to push their political agenda on America rather than focusing on the joy of Christmas. They said that Jesus, Mary and Joesph were all refugees looking for a home, and then calling Conservatives hypocrites for being against Syrian refugees. This is wrong on so many levels.

 CNN’s Christi Paul started a segment saying she was going to examine “Christmas and hope”. “A lot of people are looking for healing after an election that oozed divisiveness and anger and hostility from all sides. Add in the crisis in Syria, Brexit, and terrorist threats around the world, and hope is hard to find. So can you find it through your faith?” she started.

They even got Raphael Warnock of the Ebenezer Baptist Church to call Mary, Joseph, and Jesus a “refugee family” while recounting the story of Christmas. “The holy family becomes a refugee family, seeking asylum in Egypt from the abuses of a despot who was insecure,” he said.

Matthew Dowd from ABC news joined in on this awful reasoning. “Let us remember today 2 immigrants, a man and his very pregnant wife, sought shelter & were turned away by many. She gave birth in a manger,” he tweeted.

The issue with this of course is that their is a huge difference between a “migrant” and a “refugee”. We are also talking about the difference between 2 people and hundreds of thousands of people who live in a toxic culture with a dangerous ideology who are possibly terrorists in disguise. If Trump being elected taught us anything, nobody is falling for their propaganda.