Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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TIME FOR PRISON! – Charlie Sheen Reveals NASTY ‘New Year’s Wish’ For Trump

Charlie Sheen loves getting attention, and his most recent tweet about Trump will make sure he gets plenty of that today.

The wives’ tale of famous people dying in threes did not get past Charlie, and after Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher passed away, Charlie asked God to take Trump next…

Screenshot via Twitter

Screenshot via Twitter

Now I know Charlie is trying to be funny, but this election has been anything but normal, and threats like this need to be taken seriously.

Donald Trump is now the president-elect, soon to be the 45th president of the United States.

Several people have already been sent to jail for their actions and/or posts on social media revolving around the death of Trump.

What happens if some knucklehead in Charlie’s fan base decides to take this tweet seriously and wants to impress his buddy Charlie Sheen by making an attempt on Trump’s life?

Something as simple as this could end up landing Charlie in jail or, at the very least, garner Sheen a visit from his local Secret Service agents.

Never before has the hypocrisy of the left been more apparent than it has in this presidential election.

Death threats, slander, sabotage… we are seeing all of these things happen against Trump at an unprecedented level and it simply being ignored.

We have seen athletes not go to the White House during Obama’s time in office, and regardless of their reason, they were immediately considered disrespectful and racist. Even the great Tom Brady was raked over the coals by every black sports journalist when he did not join his fellow patriots at the White House after their Super Bowl win.

Yet we have these very same sports pundits saying it is okay for athletes to now avoid Trump or boycott his hotels if their team stays there to make a statement against the president-elect.

The left continues to prove the rules only apply to one side, and it sure isn’t theirs!

Do you think Sheen should be sent to jail for his tweet?

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