Friday, October 20, 2017
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Major ISIS Arrest In Virginia – IT’S HAPPENING

Barack Hussein Obama has often said that ISIS has been “contained” and that the terrorist group poses no real threat to the United States. He was proven to be wrong once again this week when nine people were arrested in the suburbs of Washington D.C. for aiding ISIS.

Conservative Tribune reported that nine individuals were arrested for giving material aid to ISIS, and they were named in a bulletin sent out by the Northern Virginia Regional Intelligence Center on Monday in a message to police marked “law enforcement sensitive.”

“Such reports are designed to help state and federal agents recognize trends in the types of individuals who are influenced by the Islamic State’s message and how they communicate across terrorist networks,” The Washington Times reported. “They included a police officer, a Starbucks barista, Army soldiers, bankers and a cabdriver. Four of the nine graduated from northern Virginia high schools, one with honors. Two attended Northern Virginia Community College.”

The nine people are accused of spreading propaganda to recruit for ISIS. Some of the individuals do not appear to be Middle Eastern, as they have names like Heather Coffman and Nicholas Young. One of the individuals, Reza Niknejad, was charged in absentia, as he has fled to Syria to fight with ISIS.

Shockingly enough, Young has been identified as a police officer.

“These nine arrests highlight once again that Islam is not a race: It’s a global political system of societal control bound by law, Islamic law, with some associated religious practices, that is achieved by conquest and maintained by force, not by consent of the governed,” Middle East expert Claire Lopez told WND. “Nor is devotion to Islam limited to those of less education, lower economic status, or lack of opportunity. In fact, quite the opposite is often true, as with these would-be jihadis for the Islamic State.”

“Local police are in a particularly difficult situation,” said Robert Maginnis, a retired officer who is an expert on the threat of extremist Islam. “They face a severe challenge by Islamists operating in the shadows of our open society. These mostly young male Muslims become radicalized either by Islamist imams at some of the thousands of mosques across America, at school, or over the ever-present internet sites that spew anti-West, anti-Christian hatred.”

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