Thursday, October 19, 2017
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BRUTAL: What Trump Released On Obama Is Going Viral

The difference between the way the 44th and 45th President of the United States utilize camera time could not be more stark.

“We need a real president,” Donald Trump posted along with a video of Barack Obama working the crowd of reporters instead of focusing on the many significant threats facing America. Come January 20, 2017 we will finally have a REAL and patriotic president once again.

We need a real President!

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President-Elect Donald Trump claimed the spotlight quickly and when all eyes were on him, the Republican focused on US, the problems facing this country, and how he was going to fix them. When Obama sees the red light come on, it’s all about him.

Barack Obama turned one of his press conferences into an ode to himself and all he mistakenly believes he accomplished during his term. Making America meek and her people more dependent upon the government is not a trophy-worthy accomplishment.

Obama spent his time at the microphone referencing Star Wars! How and why Obama decides to embrace his inner-geek is not of any importance or benefit to America. He is far more concerned about his legacy than the future of the citizens of the country he took an oath to protect.

“Okay, everybody, I have to get to Star Wars,” Obama joked into the microphone. The lack of work ethic in the most socialist president the Untied States has ever had to suffer through is readily apparent and pathetic.

Donald Trump did not wait until he took the oath of office to roll up his sleeves and get to work. From the minute he defeated Hillary Clinton, he started creating jobs for American families, and good paying jobs, at that.

Thanks to Trump’s business savvy and strong presence, one day soon we may all actually speak to a fellow citizen who speaks perfect English when making a phone call to customer service to fix a problem. Obama wants to appear cool and solidify his celebrity status even more so now at the end of his presidency than before. Never mind working to better America and extinguish the ISIS threat!

Obama spent far more time on the golf course than he did inside the Oval Office during his tenure. Soon the phone and pen will be removed from his hands and he will be incapable of doing any more damage to our great nation.



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