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Bill Clinton Makes Massive Announcement About Trump

It was in 1994 that Bill Clinton had a massive political loss. The house turned for the democrat to republican and the power structure in the capital was changed.

Debts levels stopped increasing, and the economy improved. Clinton will try to take the credit for this.

Monopolies are not good in business and not in politics. So when Bill lost in 1994 it was strange to hear him complain about the people who elected him the “angry white male”.

 “This is psychologically a difficult time for a lot of white males, the so-called angry white males. Why? Because of those who don’t have great educations and who aren’t in jobs which are growing, even though they may have started out ahead of those of you who are female and of different races, most of them are working harder for less money than they were making 15 years ago.”

People are actually angry because they have bene sold out by the politicians to corporations and other powerful entities.

Did this time Bill and Hillary blame themselves? Surely they can’t blame white males?

“He doesn’t know much. One thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him,” Clinton said about Trump and angry white males.

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