Friday, October 20, 2017
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POLL: Should Trump Defund The United Nations?

The move by the United Nations against Israel was one of the most despicable moves ever made by the organization, and it did so with the apparent backing of our sitting president.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s despicable speech against Israel has begun a charge from many of our representatives to defund the United Nations, and I agree with them 100 percent!

The move was so bad that even RINOs were getting on their soap boxes and telling the country we need to pull our funding from what Trump refers to as a “club” that does little to nothing to actually help the real-world situation.

Senator Graham stated, “Twenty-two percent of the United Nations’ budget comes from the American taxpayer, and I’m going to lead the charge to withhold funding until they repeal this resolution,” via Washington Times.

Think about that… we are paying almost a quarter of the total budget for the United Nations to screw over our allies.

To this point, I have seen the U.N. support very little in terms of conservative beliefs, no matter how conservative their member countries are.

It’s actually quite the opposite as the U.N. has seemingly embraced Obama’s far left stance and is now pushing his agenda globally.

Issues such as gun control and religious freedom are coming under attack from the United Nations, putting panic in the hearts of conservatives around the world.

As it exists today, the United Nations does not help We the People in any real way, and as Trump stated, it is seemly more a club for global elites to get together and pretend they’re doing something constructive.

Now, this is not to say the United Nations could never be a functional global organization, but its agenda needs to change dramatically before conservatives in our country can support its funding.

This is something Trump is going to have to deal with from day one because his supporters and enemies in the GOP alike are already calling to pull every penny from the organization the moment he steps into office.

We will have the power to switch the focus of the organization to make it a more conservative agenda rather than the globalist one Obama has steered it towards.

If they refuse, we cut off the money. And if we cut off our funding, I can guarantee you more countries will follow.

In other words, the U.N. can do what we tell them, or they can simply fade off into the sunset.