Monday, October 23, 2017
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BREAKING! Trump Just Made MASSIVE Gun Control Announcement – Americans Are SURPRISED

Liberals with their sponsors are pretty worried about how is their agenda going to work in the upcoming decade. Everything they’ve done could be completely destroyed because a great hero is there to cut the snake’s head and drain the swamp. Donald Trump is that man, that hero that is going to bring salvation to the USA.

We know very well how some things work. You can not turn us into the liberal limbo you’ve turned Europe into. We do not want to become prisoners of the sick liberal agenda. We know very well our constitution and we stick to it. Look how Donald Trump destroys the liberal dummies about the gun law.

Trump wants to eliminate the gun free zones in America. Why? Because this is where a majority of shootings have taken place.

If you think about it, a gun free zone is a perfect place to take a gun if you intend to cause harm. No law-abiding citizen is going to have a gun, so you can cause the most damage.

This happens predominately in places like military bases and schools, with people attacking those who are left defenseless.

Our military are trained and ready to defend against attacks, but there are no guns allowed on base. They have to be locked away in the arms room for safe keeping if you live on post or stored at home if you live off post.

While military bases should be safe zones for our military, they often times aren’t. Soldiers are left defenseless, sitting ducks on their own home base before being taken out by someone with a gun. And he or she cannot be stopped until the police arrive.

This is what Donald Trump wants to correct, but I’m sure liberals will have a cow about it. They are often preaching about implementing stricter gun control laws in the entire country, leaving everyone in America defenseless against attackers.

Military personnel should be able to carry their guns and, of course, have safety training and the restrictions that come with that. Many think Army bases are safe and secure, but they are often times some of the biggest targets—and that goes for schools too as we all well know.

People should not be afraid of guns because guns don’t kill people. A gun left alone, not held by anyone, will not shoot anyone “just because” or suddenly attack out of nowhere. It’s an inanimate object. A tool, nothing more.

It is people who kill people, and that is something liberals need to realize. Taking away guns will not improve the situation—it will make it worse. You might as well paint giant targets on our backs and make it easier for the criminals to take advantage of us all. Under Trump’s proposed policy, the people of this nation have a chance to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones.

This is it! We will defend our country and our famillies. You can do nothing about that liberal freaks. You can read the constitution and learn it. The voters decided, now the patriots rule America. There is no place for your dirty game anymore.