Friday, October 20, 2017
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DISGUSTING: See How Much Obama Spent Of YOUR Money Campaigning For Hillary!

No one was surprised to see that Barack Obama was out campaigning for Hillary Clinton, firstly because he wasn’t in the White House doing his job and secondly because it is not unusual for an outgoing president to support the candidate from the same party.

The problem comes when you see how much of taxpayer money Obama spent campaigning for Hillary Clinton.

Our taxpayer money should not be given out as a means to campaign for a person! We didn’t choose for them to spend it on Hillary!

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit from Judicial Watch we know how much Obama spent of our money to campaign for the person the American people did not vote for!

The Blaze reports:

Obama spent $360,236 of taxpayer money on a campaign trip to North Carolina on Air Force One with Hillary Clinton!

Air Force One costs $180,118 per hour in flight, and the aircraft flew two hours round-trip to make the July 2016 trip to North Carolina, the Air Force’s Air Mobility Command Headquarters said in its response to a FOIA request by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

The use of Air Force One for campaign travel is not a new practice, but it was an issue of contention on the campaign trail this summer after presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump complained about Obama’s use of the aircraft in support of presumptive Democratic nominee Clinton.

The two hours of Air Force One use are in addition to dozens of other fundraising and campaign trips over Obama’s eight years in office, Judicial Watch argued, “bringing the known total over the past eight years to $96,938,882.51.

And you wonder why Obama has raised our country’s deficit more than any other president!

This is absolutely DISGUSTING! Hillary Clinton should be footing the bill not the American people!

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