Monday, October 23, 2017
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Inmates To Help Trump Build Wall

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, wants to send the inmates in his 1100-bed jail to help Donald Trump build a wall on our southern border.

Hodgson said,

“I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,” the Massachusetts sheriff told the press.

Hodges believes that using inmate labor to build the wall will have many benefits.  Help keep costs down, which Mexico should like because ultimately they are paying, teach much needed skills to inmates, and by keeping out illegals when prisoners get out there will be more jobs available.

“Aside from learning and perfecting construction skills, the symbolism of these inmates building a wall to prevent crime in communities around the country, and to preserve jobs and work opportunities for them and other Americans upon release, can be very powerful.”

Correct. This makes sense on many levels although liberals are up in arms of the use of prison labor.

They don’t believe in rehabilitation, because they get rich off recidivism.