Sunday, October 22, 2017


Here are reasons that the new president-elect Trump will prove liberals wrong. In the past few weeks, election results have crippled the liberal left…they don’t know what to do, and their tears are showing it for real!

But we want to bring America together and make it greater…so here are some reasons that Trump will actually be a great solution to the problems facing our great nation.

Donald Trump isn’t just a president facing the challenges of leftist liberal positions and the status quo…he’s a president facing decades of corruption and media bias. There is so much misinformation out there that we must spread the real news of this positive change to the White House! How? Spread the info! Use social media…use word of mouth…be involved politically! So what are the reasons? Here they are:

    1. There is talk that Donald Trump scares a lot of people. Let’s get this right. Our nation is almost $20,000,000,000,000.00 in debt and our children and grandchildren can never pay it back. In 5 years, the interest on the debt will be the largest government expenditure. Yet President Trump is going to reduce this debt!
    2. Our nations borders are porous. Millions of illegals enter our country every year. Many want to kill us. Many are treated better than our veterans. Hillary Clinton an the Democrats want to give them the right to vote, not that they don’t vote already and give them health benefits under Obamacare. This, strictly to gain their vote. States offer convicted illegal felons sanctuary. Yet President Trump will seal our borders!
    3. ISIS is the biggest growing menace to the world practicing genocide among Christians and other religious minorities, they are expanding their influence daily, Libya is a disaster, Europe is under siege, our allies don’t trust or respect us and our enemies laugh at our “false threats” and “empty lines drawn in the sand”. We make deals with terrorist nations. Free terrorist leaders to go back on the battle field to again kill American soldiers. Yet Trump will conquer these terrorists!
    4. Our Military has been depleted to its lowest level since before WWII, our veterans are treated shamelessly and we can’t defeat “Radical Muslims” who are intent on destroying America and controlling the entire civilized world. Yet Trump will make America’s military great again!
    5. Our trade deficit puts America at a serious economic disadvantage and major US corporations are moving their factories to foreign soil, millions of our domestic jobs are being lost to cheap labor and regulation free countries around the world. Yet Trump is bringing those jobs BACK!
    6. Our country’s domestic policies are being determined by Al Sharpton, “Black Lives Matter” activists, a justice department bent on crucifying our brave and heroic police officers, and government officials who when put under oath constantly plead the 5th. Obama’s violation of the constitution to “fundamentally transform America” goes unchecked. Yet Trump doesn’t care about PC politics…he cares about results!
      1. Our country has been successfully divided between black and white, rich and poor, entitlement class verses working class and anti Judeo-Christian groups. Obama carefully takes sides with groups he determines are victims and demeans anyone who believes in “law and order”. Yet Trump is bringing common sense back!
      2. Our political leaders are so entrenched in corruption, “quid pro quo” deals among themselves, ignoring the voice of the voters who gave them a mandate to address these major American problems and are trying “with their last baited breath” to destroy the one man the people have, by the millions, asked to stop these power hungry, self-righteous oligarchs. They call him racist and a bigot because he wants to protect our borders, deny entrance to groups of people who want to kill us and destroy our way of life. They call him a xenophobe because he wants to “Make America Great Again” by standing up for American “traditional values”, telling the world we will no longer be your patsy and giving back to Americans “pride in their country.” Yet Trump is an outsider!
      3. The American liberal press, the Democrat Party, every group in America who has bled this country of its economic resources, stripped our country of our pride and cannot stand the thought that years of “freebees”, “cultural alteration” and “moral decay” might be coming to an end. How about ending the trillions of dollars of wasted on entitlement programs, money spent on illegal immigrants, waste in government fraud and corruption and needless agencies that only fill jobs for the “politically connected” that has done nothing to end poverty, kept people on “generational welfare” and filled the coffers of the political elite. Lets take the money and help our veterans get their proper needed services, save Social Security, which would not have to be saved if the politicians did not steal from it in the first place. Yet Trump is bringing success back…he’s here to help.
      4. Let’s come together under the banner of the American flag and help make America great again! Spread this news to your liberal friends…they need to know the REAL reasons!

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