Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Trump Makes SHOCKING Announcement About His Inauguration

Donald Trump’s inauguration is just one week away, and now we have one more reason to look forward to it thanks to what is going to make it’s debut at the event.

 Infowars reported that the 2017 version of the presidential limousine will make it’s debut at the inauguration on January 20. The new limousine will replace a fleet of approximately a dozen nearly identical vehicles that have served Barack Obama since 2009.

The limousine is set to have the look of a “Cadillac Escalade sedan” with a seven-seat, 2+3+2 layout meant to carry the chief executive and just a couple of aides on most journeys. It will be similar to the 2009 version, but changes will include updates to communications equipment and perhaps a power-adjustable suspension that will allow riders to raise the height of their seats.

The role of the presidential limo has mostly been that of armored transport between planes, helicopters and buildings. This is unlikely to change with the new version.

This comes as it was revealed that more acts have signed on to perform at Trump’s inauguration, with country artist Toby Keith, singer Jennifer Holliday and southern rock band 3 Doors Down all booked to perform.