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Judge Jeanine Pirro Leaves Trump Tower – Likely to Announce…

Judge Jeanine Pirro is one of the biggest supporters of Trump and the promoter of truth, saying what everyone else thought, but didn’t dare to speak.

The Fox News host was very open about her support throughout his campaign. Now that the election is over, she may get a reward for her unconditional loyalty. It is rumored that she will be leaving her job on Fox News and joining Trump’s Administration for a new top job position.

She was noticed entering Trump Tower on Thursday morning together with Rudy Giuliani, probably to discuss the possibility of her employment and the options regarding the position in Trump’s Administration.

Before becoming Fox News host, Pirro was a judge in a county court and a district attorney of Westchester County in New York. She was known as the first female judge in the Westchester County Court. During this employment, she met Donald for the first time.

Being one of his greatest supporter and publicly announcing that on her show every week, there is no doubt that Pirro had a major role in our new president’s legendary victory.

Check out the video where Judge Jeanine speaks about Trump’s incredible and unexpected win:

As reported, just days after the election ended and Trump became President-elect, he called Pirro to discuss about possibilities of her joining his Team.

Donald Trump knows who his real supporters are, and he knows how to reward them!



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