Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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BOOM: Tucker Carlson is Already KILLING Megyn Kelly’s Ratings! But That’s Not All…

The ratings are in and Tucker Carlson is slaying the competition in his primetime debut.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” has been shifted to Megyn Kelly’s prime time spot and has blown away her ratings. That’s not all though, with an average of 2.699 million total viewers, Tucker is right behind the TOTAL of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show (1.369 million) and CNN’s town hall special (1.357 million)! (via Biz Pac Review)

Tucker’s show beat both individually, of course.

CNN‘s Town Hall even had Bernie Sanders on, but not even a presidential candidate on the failing network can compete with the much less famous guests on Tucker Carlson’s show.

With their huge ratings Carlson’s show is likely to attract top names in politics and other related fields now. With that kind of boost, I bet his ratings will soar even higher.

Fox News has to be pleased with Carlson’s success; he has boosted its overall viewership by 71 percent!

Especially surprising (to those who haven’t heard of Carlson) is his appeal in the younger demographic. The all-important 25-49 demographic has seen a 45 percent increase over Megyn Kelly’s show.

That includes a great deal of millennials, who seem attracted to Carlson’s ability to knock-down Liberal straw-men and keep guests on-point. As demonstrated on Tucker’s Carlson recent “Ask Me Anything” post on the millennial-drive website Reddit, Tucker is popular with young Trump supporters in particular.

Reddit users seem especially enamored with the intense and/or puzzled look he makes when listening to his guests. As a result, several memes have been made of Carlson. His popularity with the younger generation is one indicator that Tucker’s amazing success will continue.

Now that’s the kind of attitude we need in this country!