Monday, October 23, 2017
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Tucker Carlson Eviscerates DOJ Spokesman For Calling Trump’s Presidency ‘Illegitimate’

Ever since Trump was elected Democrats have been making every excuse possible to deny the truth. Now their lies have come full circle and they are saying that Trump is an ‘illegitimate’ president. Fox New’s Tucker Carlson invited former Obama Department of Justice spokesman Matthew Miller onto his show and absolutely destroyed him for suggesting this.

“It wasn’t fair and square in the sense that you had the intervention of the nation’s top investigative official, Jim Comey, 11 days before the election, that clearly had an impact on voters as they went to the — the voting booths and you had an intervention by a foreign government that was seeking to subverts our democracy and elect Donald Trump, according to our intelligence,” explained Matthew Miller.

Tucker Carlson hit back hard. “Look, I guess what’s so frustrating here is that there is no evidence that has had an effect on the election. Now maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but we can’t say that it didn’t,” said Carlson.

“Sure, you are saying it was not free and fair which is a very big claim for someone who is widely believed, like you, a former public official to me, but I would say this. Here is what we do know. Mrs. Clinton didn’t have an economic message. The middle class did not vote for her,” explained Carlson.

“Huge parts of the country, the center of the country, non-rich people and non-poor people ignored her appeals. Would it be more fruitful to a Democrat to say like, let’s get that economic message, like let’s listen to the middle class,” said Carlson. Check out the video below.