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BREAKING: Apple Just Came Forward With BOMBSHELL ANNOUNCEMENT About Donald Trump

Throughout the years we were told many promises,assurances, and a lot of lies. The previous President of USA – Barack Obama use to tell us that there is no way we are getting any manufacturing jobs back,he was pessimistic about it all the time, trying to kill our hopes and dreams for the future.He was the best man for it,i give him that. Luckily he was wrong once again, as new manufacturing jobs are on the rise.

 Apple is now considering building a $7 billion tech plant in the United States.

Foxconn Technology Group, a major Apple Incorporated investor and primary manufacturer, said the plan could create “tens of thousands” of jobs during President Trump’s first year in office, Bloomberg reports.

Foxconn Technology Group is in talks with a joint investor called Sharp Corporation, a Japanese display supplier, about the Apple manufacturing plant. While no specific details have yet been formalized, company chairman Terry Gou confirmed negotiations are underway.

According to Gou, the Apple plant would likely create between 30,000 to 50,000 jobs. “I thought it was a private conversation, but then the next morning it was exposed,” Gou told reporters, referencing talks about the Apple plant in America. “There is such a plan, but it is not a promise. It is a wish.”

The news coming out of Apple is yet another American jobs victory for President Donald Trump! Foxconn is reportedly getting pressured by the Chinese government not to shift its investing outside of the country.

Foxconn is the single largest private employer in China. The Communist nation began replacing the United States as the world’s factory decades ago.

Currently, China manufactures more iPads and iPhones than any other country in the world. Thanks to the cheap labor and supportive business policies from the Chinese government, it appeared manufacturing would forever remain there, but then America elected Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

While on the campaign trail, Donald Trump frequently called out Apple as one of the largest exporters of American jobs. Foxconn employs more than one million Chinese workers.

If an Apple manufacturing plant is built in the United States, a significant portion of those jobs would come back here. The tax revenue created by living wage jobs would substantially help public services in the community where the plant is built.

When Americans have more money in their pockets, the entire area is helped. Apple workers at the new plant would spend money at area stores, restaurants, gas stations, be able to donate to worthy causes again, buy a home, and pay their property taxes.

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Ever since Donald Trump was elected to be president of this country, things have taken a turn for the better.This is a great opportunity for the American people.He promised he’ll make the economy better, and he wasn’t wasting any time either. Do you feel content with this information?