Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Trump’s Brilliant Move Destroy Democratic Party

President Trump held a meeting at the White House with top corporate CEO’s and a few special guests. The meeting sent shivers down the spine of the democratic party leaders because it signals life as they know it is over.

Trump met with a group of CEOs. Ford, Tesla, GM, Dell, US Steel, Whirlpool, Under Armor, and several other companies were there.But it was the other group at the meeting, America’s union bosses, and how they reacted to Trump’s vision that promises to turn the democratic establishment upside down.

The always brilliant Charles Krauthammer said it of Trump’s meeting with union leaders,

“I think that scene of him with union leaders was a great act of political larceny. That is a Democratic constituency—a constituency he ‘stole’ to get elected to the presidency. And as long as he nurtures it, he’s got a leg up on the Democrats until 2020.”

After meeting with the president, the union chiefs did something no one expected. They called the meeting “extraordinary” before delivering a statement that destroyed every democrat in the country.

Building Trades union chief Sean McGarvey speaking for the group said,

“The president laid out his plans about how he’s going to handle trade, how he’s going to invest in our infrastructure and how he’s going to level the playing field for construction workers and all Americans across this country. And then took the time to take everyone into the Oval Office and show them the seat of power in the world.

The respect that the president of the United States just showed us — and when he shows it to us he shows it to three million of our members in the United States — was nothing short of incredible. And we will work with him and his administration to implement his plans on infrastructure, trade and energy policy so that we really do put America back to work in middle class jobs that all Americans and our members are demanding.”

Look union members voted for Trump in large part, but union leadership all opposed Trump. To see that core democratic constituency flip sides so quickly means the democratic party is done for. Without union votes, cash and volunteers the democrats are a party without an army. A party without a vision. And one heading for oblivion.