Friday, October 20, 2017
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Idiot Mexican Senator Just Made Disturbing Threat To Trump, He Got His Ass Handed To Him [Details]

For too long, countries like Mexico and China have been stealing good American manufacturing jobs by giving American companies sweetheart deals that are too good to pass up. This was all made possible by foolish programs like NAFTA, which was put in plan by Democrat Bill Clinton to please his establishment friends.

Worse yet, Mexicans seeking opportunity have been slipping across our borders by the millions, taking away jobs that should rightfully go to Americans. Our country finally has a leader who is putting a stop to this madness, and you can be sure that Mexicans are unhappy about losing out on all this easy money. A Mexican Senator went so far as to issue Trump a nasty threat, but he just ended up making a fool out of himself.

Threatened Mexican Senator Armando Rios Piter to leftist MSNBC, “We should stop collaborating with the United States, with this hostile administration specifically, regarding security issues, regarding anti-terrorism that we’ve been working together (on) for the last years.”

He added, “I think we will retaliate in the states of the Corn Belt. I think we should start thinking of not buying any more corn to those states.” Chimed in corporate attorney Alfonso Villalva, “People from Mexico want a true leader. They want to take a stand and speak very loudly. A lot of people are feeling offended for the attitude of Mr. Trump.”

Mexico’s former Foreign Affairs Secretary Jorge Castañeda Gutman added, “Mexican national sentiment against an American bully is a very easy thing to awaken. A lot of us have worked hard over the last 25 years … to leave our Mexican resentments in the past … If Trump wants to really awaken this again, it’s right there to be awakened.” He said that he wants the 50 U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency agents in Mexico to be kicked out. Trump has the last word with all these angry Mexican officials, as he is going to levy a 20% tariff on important and may get rid of NAFTA. How much do you love that Trump is taking a strong stand with our neighbors?