Friday, October 20, 2017
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GOP Amends Rules & Enables Trump To Appoint Nominees Without Dems’ Approval

On Wednesday, members and republicans of the Senate pushed several Donald Trump’s administration nominees as a result of the democrats’ boycott.

The nominees in the case were Steven Mnuchin as head the Treasury Department, and Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) as secretary of Health and Human Services.

The decision to push these nominees was unanimous, and done by republicans only, since the democrats decided to leave the hearing at once.

“It’s just another way of roughing up the president’s nominees,” said committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). “They have been treated fairly. We have not been treated fairly.”

The democrats, as we know, refused to vote for this and did not attend the whole procedure.

They are beyond dissatisfied with the decision to have Mnuchin as the head of OneWest Bank, and do not believe he is fit for the position.

As far as Price goes, the democrats’ suspicions were mainly focused on his skills and ability to act politically.

“We made it clear yesterday that when we got answers to these questions, we’re ready to move ahead,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said after the GOP maneuver. “We’re going to keep pushing to get the facts.”

“Both nominees have yet to answer important questions that impact the American people,” committee Democrats wrote in a letter sent to Hatch Wednesday.

“Further, we have significant concern that both Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Price gave inaccurate and misleading testimony and responses to questions to the Committee. These cabinet nominees should answer basic questions that the American people deserve answers to before moving forward.”

This argument was quickly dismissed by Hatch on Wednesday.

“Oh, come on. Come on,” he said. “They don’t have one argument that’s worthwhile. Not one. And if they had, they should have shown up.”

The efforts of the Democrats to undermine every single of Trump’s decisions is never-ending and they would not hesitate to run over people in order to get their form of justice. Luckily, Trump doesn’t need to rely on them totally, and can act as the proper president we know he can be.