Friday, October 20, 2017
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Fox News Breaks Record

The new numbers are in and Fox News has done it again. They were the most watched cable news network. But that is expected these days, and that is not the amazing milestone Fox just reached.

The year 2016 numbers are in and Fox was number 1 for the entire year. Again, kind of expected and not the historic milestone they just reached.

In fact, what Fox News just accomplished, the record they just set, will most probably never be broken. Because Nielsen just announced Fox News has done something no one else has even done.

Fox News is celebrating 15 consecutive years as the most-watched cable news network. 15 consecutive years? Amazing. Never been done before.

For the month of January, Fox News averaged 2.8 million viewers in its prime-time hours, up a massive 35 percent from a year ago. In the coveted demo of adults aged 25-54, the increase was even bigger at 46 percent.

Fox dominated coverage of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, attracting more than 11.7 million viewers. That marks the most viewers Fox News has had for any of the six presidential inaugurations it has covered since launching in 1996.

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