Sunday, October 22, 2017
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WATCH: Sean Hannity Exposes Elizabeth Warren

Sean Hannity went after Sen. Elizabeth Warren after she disgraced the US Senate during the confirmation hearings for Jeff Sessions. She was officially reprimanded by the Senate for her actions.

But Hannity rightfully thinks she got off easy so he spent a little time digging through her background, and what he found shocked even liberals.

“This is not the first time that Sen. Warren has gone off the deep end, if you will, and into the gutter to score cheap political points,” Hannity said.

He pointed out some of the nasty things she has said over the years. Just disgusting and chronicled her attacks on Donald Trump.

Hannity said that Warren loves to throw stones, but with her background? From a woman who is embroiled in two pay scandals right now?

She has some loans she forgot to report and her “baby” the CFPB just got rocked by a payroll scandal. But Sean is just getting started.

We all know she once claimed she had Native American heritage – thus her nickname, Pocahontas. But after digging Sean Hannity found out this wasn’t just a harmless oversight, but a planned move to game the liberal system.  Where diversity is more important than competency.

Warren used affirmative action to get ahead in her career as Sean discovered. She claimed to be Native American – which directly led her to being a “diversity hire” at Harvard.  As soon as she got tenure, meaning she can’t be fired, she removed the Native American from her bio.

Think of this. She lied about her heritage to get a job she could not qualify for on her own, after she gets tenure so they can’t fire her she removes the lie. So she can run for office later or because she has a guilty conscience. Who knows, point is she got caught. Her whole career is a fraud built on a lie.

And this is the best the dems got? No wonder they keep losing.

“There is zero proof to back up Elizabeth Warren and her lie,” Hannity said.

“If you want to slow down the president’s agenda and hurt the country, then you will own the suffering of millions of Americans out of work, millions of Americans who are on food stamps, millions of Americans living in poverty. In other words, all of the Americans that have suffered under your failed leftist ideology the last eight years.”