Sunday, October 22, 2017
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BREAKING: New Trump Travel Ban Revealed

Trump’s new travel ban will feature a “Phase-in” period, and green card holders will not be affected.

From Zerohedge:

Deciding not the see the 9th Circuit court of appeals “in [Supreme] court” after all, last week the White House announced it would unveil a revised immigration order banning travel t the US over the next few days. On Saturday, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly previewed what it would look like, when he told a Munich Security Conference gathering that the travel ban will no longer stop green card holders or travelers already on planes from entering the United States, in hopes of avoiding another round of legal challenges.

“The president is contemplating issuing a tighter, more streamlined version of the first Executive Order. And I will have, this time, the opportunity to work (on) a rollout plan, in particular to make sure that there’s no one in a sense caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports, which happened in the first release.” Kelly said in a panel discussion in Munich.

Asked whether green card residency permit holders would be allowed in, Kelly said: “It’s a good assumption and, as far as the visas go, … if they’re in motion from some distant land to the United States, when they arrive they will be allowed in” and explained that it would be a temporary ban as the government reviewed the vetting procedures regarding people from the banned countries.

“I can tell you right now they’re not very reliable,” he said of the seven mostly Muslim countries the administration defined as terrorism threats and listed on the initial, temporary travel ban. Courts have suspended the ban, prompting the Trump administration to work on a new executive order. President Donald Trump has criticized the courts for their decisions, saying they threatened national security.

While onstage at the Munich conference, Kelly said the judicial rulings surprised him, but that he would not criticize them. “I don’t criticize it,” Mr. Kelly said. “I don’t know enough about what they think.”

However, his German peer had less qualms about lashing out at Trump. Onstage with Kelly, his German counterpart, Thomas de Maizière, criticized the idea. “To ban whole countries perhaps could create more collateral damage and perhaps does not produce more security,” Mr. de Maizière said.

The abrupt implementation of Trump’s original immigration order last month resulted in immigration chaos, sparking a wave of criticism from the countries affected, and from Western allies and some of America’s leading corporations, especially technology firms which are now hunkering down ahead of the next round of Trump’s sweeping immigration changes, this one expected to impact H1-B visa holders.