Friday, October 20, 2017
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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump Will Cut ALL Federal Funding In Sanctuary Cities

On Friday, the Miami-Dade County commissioners brought a vote of 9-3 and favored to support the recent order of Carlos Gimenez.

As you know, his order was in regards to the shutting down of county’s sanctuary city status.

In America, the Miami-Dade is the only county that has almost half of its population born in a foreign country. Logically, this represents a burden on the American economy.

President Donald Trump addressed numerous issues that are happening in these sanctuary areas, and this is such an example.

Donald Trump has made it clear that he will eradicate and cease all federal funding to this county and all other similar sanctuary cities.

On Sunday, Judge Alex Ferrer engaged into an interview with “Fox & Friends Weekend” and talked about this vote and what it means.

As Ferrer put it, Miami was not interested in losing any of the so far used federal funding, while is certain that more cities of this sort will follow this example and suit.

“It’s a harbinger of what’s gonna [sic] happen across the country as cities are denied the money that they depend on for their budgets and for their special projects,” stated Ferrer, who is a former Miami-Dade County circuit judge.

Furthermore, he pointed out that President Donald Trump is directly involved and essential in this occurrence because it was his idea in the first place to make this change.

“Like him or not, he is living up to his campaign promises,” Ferrer noted.

One thing is certain- Donald Trump hasn’t skipped any promise he has made yet, and we hope to see this being resolved soon.

When that happens, America will be given the chance to save money that would serve a better purpose elsewhere.

You can take a look at the video above and decide for yourselves whether you think the Miami-Dade’s vote was the right call.

Do you trust Donald Trump to keep his promise and cut the federal funding in all sanctuary cities?