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TRUMP: If You Leave The U.S. To Join ISIS, You’re Banned From Returning For Life

The Donald Trump administration marks a new era in regards to the way in which the United States combats radical Islamic terrorism, and Trump’s remarks about those who leave the U.S. to go fight for ISIS only ensures this fact.

Over the last eight years, the Obama administration has faced mounting criticism, both for accusations that they were not serious about fighting radical Islamic terrorists, as well as accusations that the enemies were only emboldened by the administration’s weak stance.

Part of the frustration is a result over Obama working to keep a campaign promise of closing down Guantanamo Bay, despite the fact that in order to keep that promise, Obama had to transfer several high-risk prisoners to other countries, where they were later freed to re-enter the battlefield.

The most notorious of these transfers happened during a prisoner exchange that swapped five high-ranking Taliban leaders for one American prisoner of war who was accused of desertion.

Americans are still scratching their heads as they try to understand what the Obama administration was thinking at the time.

Another point of criticism revolves around the withdrawing of American troops out of Iraq.

Republicans, back in 2008 and 2009, wasted their breath trying to convince Obama that to remove the American presence in the Middle Eastern country would only create a vacuum that the terrorists would be all too eager to fill.

Obama withdrew the American troops anyway, and the caliphate known as the Islamic State was born.

Though in no way, shape, or form did Barack Obama make any advances in the war on terror, during his eight years in office, President Donald Trump has promised to rectify the situation.

The Left had a conniption when the billionaire businessman suggested that he would halt the immigration and refugee programs from nations with known terrorist hotbeds until the vetting process can ensure that America is not allowing in terrorists.

However, he wasn’t finished there.

Trump also promised that those who leave the United States to go fight for ISIS or some other terrorist organization, against the U.S, would not be allowed back into the country.

“If they want to fight for ISIS, that’s fine. They’re not coming back into our country ..”

The fact that the Democrats were handed such a crushing defeat in the November elections only shows that America is anxious for someone with some common sense, who is not afraid of being politically incorrect, running the country.

Source – IJ Review