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BREAKING: Trump Makes Shocking Announcement About Voter ID

Liberals don’t like to face the reality that illegal immigrants are voting in our elections and may be affecting the results. The rest of us realize that we need to put a stop to it.

Donald Trump is on our side, of course, ready to actually tackle this important issue. So, he’s reversing Obama’s stance against voter ID laws, putting the issue into the states’ hands.

After six long years, the Trump administration is officially dropping federal opposition to voter ID laws in Texas.

With President Trump’s Justice Department ending the government’s opposition to a voter ID law in Texas, the door is now open for other states to adopt similar voter ID laws.

According to The Houston Chronicle:

The U.S. Justice Department under President Donald Trump is abandoning its six-year-old claim that Texas’ voter ID law was enacted with intent to discriminate against minorities, signaling a reversal from the government’s posture under former President Barack Obama.

The about face comes on the eve of Tuesday’s scheduled hearing before U.S. District Court judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in Corpus Christi. It also comes a week after the Justice Department and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had asked for a delay in the case because the state Legislature is considering changes to the law, which the federal courts have already found to be discriminatory.

 A Justice Department spokesman said a motion to drop the claim of discriminatory intent would be filed later Monday. The state has denied all allegations of a discriminatory purpose.

The decision sent shock waves through legal rights groups that had partnered with the government in challenging the 2011 voter ID law. Some had warned that the Justice Department under incoming U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was opposed by many civil rights groups, would retreat from the Obama administration’s aggressive push against state photo ID requirements, which critics say are designed to make it more difficult for minorities to vote.

“We’re absolutely outraged,” said Danielle Lang, a lawyer with the Campaign Legal Center, one of several groups involved in the multi-year legal battle over the Texas voter ID law, one of several passed by Republican-controlled states around the nation. “There haven’t been any changes in the facts…Nothing has changed except for Jeff Sessions is running the Department of Justice.”

As recently as November, Obama administration lawyers had filed briefs in the case seeking a finding of “discriminatory intent” by the Texas Legislature. Lang said a consortium of civil and legal rights groups will continue to press the case seeking legal remedies for what they allege was intentional discrimination in passage of the 2011 law.

The Justice Department is expected to officially lay out their new position during a hearing tomorrow. AG Jeff Sessions favors voter ID laws, but specifies only those “properly drafted.” The overwhelming amount of voters agree across the political spectrum, with 80 percent support for voter ID laws, and only 18 percent opposed.


No matter how this is spun — an “historic” or “controversial” move — what other issue has an 80 percent consensus?

H/T Allen B West

Of course, there is always something dirty connected with the liberals. However, the nation’s choice was pretty clear and there was no doubt that Trump literally destroyed Hillary Clinton and shocked the world. So, it is simple- accept the defeat or suffer- because someone who has so many criminal activities behind, should at least remain silent!