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BREAKING: Obama’s BIGGEST Spy Caught – This Is Not Good!

Obama and his leftovers created a huge mess in the White House- that’s true! Espionage, rebellion, treachery- this terms are used very often in the articles about Obama and his involvement in the White House after he left. The people are, obviously, anxious and nervous- everybody wants to know if our Ex-President has something to do with the accusation that he, probably, is connected with some inside “anti-trump” movement in the White House. Maybe not, but one of his loyal followers is going to face the NEW reality!

With leaks popping up left and right, the Trump administration has been busy trying to smoke out those responsible.

The media has had a field day with the intel they’ve received from the criminals, as it’s given them ammunition to undermine Trump’s fledgling presidency.

Because there are so many disgruntled folks still in high-level positions, it will be difficult to weed out every possible mole but that hasn’t stopped Trump from kicking one of the bad apples to curb already.

Former Obama staffer Rumana Ahmed made it 8 days into Trump’s tenure, likely only so she could set herself up as a self-righteous Muslim martyr.

As reported at Mad World News, Rumana wrote a widely publicized attention piece for the left-wing Atlantic titled “I Was a Muslim in Trump’s White House.”

How brave!

Rumana painted herself as a hijab-wearing patriot that only wanted to serve her country the best she could.

But when Trump issued his travel ban on countries that pose a terrorist threat, she apparently could no longer take it.

While her boss didn’t ask why she was resigning, she felt the need to tell him anyway.

“I told him I had to leave because it was an insult walking into this country’s most historic building every day under an administration that is working against and vilifying everything I stand for as an American and as a Muslim.’

“I told him that the administration was attacking the basic tenets of democracy.”

She also wrote that after quitting, to her horror, she found out that her former boss had penned an article of his own in which he said Islam was “incompatible with the modern West.”

The horror! What a radical belief!

Rumana also said she had wanted Trump to lose, saying that “I hoped a majority of the electorate would never condone such a hateful and divisive worldview.”

This woman gives her little sob story, trying to make readers feel sorry for her predicament and Muslims across America.

She calls Trump supporters hateful and says their values are not actually American values.

It’s always great to have foreigners come here and lecture us about what our values are, aren’t, or should be, especially Muslims.

She decries supposed intolerance that she faces, despite the fact she was hired to work in the White House straight out of college, which already put her far above the national average when it came to income and job prestige.

Yet in her mind, she has somehow been aggrieved, she has a chip on her shoulder that shouldn’t be there. It’s manufactured outrage, a narcissistic victim complex.

I’m sick and tired of these people telling Americans that that they don’t represent the real, modern America. I’m also tired of these treasonous leftists leaking classified material to the press as a means to destabilize Trump’s government.

H/T American Daily Patriot

Just look at this! Just look at this, dear Patriots! This is an explanation for everything I was talking about in the past few months about the behavior of the muslim immigrants. And also, you can see how the liberal establishment tolerates, and even supports the radical islamism. Our culture and society are independent, and we are going to keep them that way!