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Mike Pence’s Wife in Danger After Media Leaks Horrifying Info

The battle between this administration and the media just got kicked up a notch with the Associated Press making a horrific mistake involving the wife of our vice president.

On March 3, the AP ran a story publicly listing the email address of Karen Pence. Since it was published, she has been subject to vicious attacks from the left.

Karen Pence is NOT an elected official; therefore, she is protected by all privacy rights every citizen in this country enjoys.

The press learned a hard lesson already by attacking Melania Trump, but they continue to attack the women of the elected officials in the GOP.

Pence’s office even made them aware of the situation and respectfully asked them to take down the email address from the story, but the AP, as of this writing, has refused to do so.

The story first came about regarding the use of a private email account by VP Pence in his role as governor of Indiana. The goal of the press was to equate this to that of the email scandal of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

On this, Pence stated, “We have fully complied with all of Indiana’s laws. We had outside counsel review all of my private email records to identify any emails that ever referenced or mentioned state business or related activities. And, as Indiana law requires, we transferred all of those to the state of Indiana subject to the public access laws,” via

Yet again, the press attempts to create a scandal where there is none. They further insult the administration by trying to find something to compare to what Hillary did in her role as Secretary of State, yet they did not go after her all!

So, as a result of their careless witch hunt, Karen Pence is now subject to attacks from the far-left and yet again, the reputation of a good man gets run through the mud to further their agenda.

It is just despicable and inexcusable.

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