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Hillary Clinton Makes HORRIFYING Announcement – This Isn’t Good…

Much to the joy of conservatives all over America, Hillary Clinton has spent most of her time since her loss to Donald Trump in hiding. That’s why it came as devastating news to millions this week when she announced plans to reenter the public sphere in a big way.

CBS News reported that Clinton will be giving a speech in Washington D.C. tonight in honor of International Women’s Day. The failed Democratic presidential candidate will be speaking at a ceremony for Vital Voices, a women’s leadership group she founded.

In a few weeks, Clinton will also deliver this year’s commencement address at her alma mater Wellesley College. Her increasingly busy schedule indicates that she fully intends to be an outspoken critic of Donald Trump throughout his presidency.

This comes a day after Clinton accepted an award for her work advocating for women.

“I’ve had my ups and my downs. In the last months, I’ve done my share of sleeping. A little soul searching and reflecting,” Clinton said in her speech.

Washington Post national political correspondent Karen Tumulty pointed out that even many Democrats won’t be happy to see Clinton back in the public eye again.

“In some ways, people see them as a roadblock,” Tumulty said. “A lot of Democrats would like to see the Clintons move aside and give some oxygen for some new voices to emerge.”

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