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Nancy Pelosi: If Hillary Clinton Had WON, I Would Have RETIRED

Nancy Pelosi who is the House Minority leader revealed Friday that he was ready to retire from Congress if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had won the November election over President Trump.

A discussion at breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Pelosi stated that if Clinton had won the White House, she “was ready to go home” after 14 years as House Democratic leader and four years as speaker of the House.

“If Hillary had won, I was ready to go home,” Pelosi told reporters. “It was really shocking that someone like Donald Trump would be president of the United States. We yearn for the day of a Mitt Romney or a George Bush or someone. But anyway, that motivated me to stay now.”

It seems there is always talk fights by Democrats. But this time it’s another longtime Democrat leader who is claiming that their former presidential candidate Hillary if she became the president, she was willing to go home. It seems once they stop attacking our president, they begin to fight with themselves. Dems will always be Dems.

On Friday, Pelosi decided to publicly declare what she has been saying privately since after the elections. It seems the news that she could quit if Hillary won were not new; she had told some colleagues last month that she intended to retire had Clinton won.

The California Democrat, who is in the midst of her 31st year in Congress, was instrumental in the passing of the Affordable Care Act and has been a high-profile advocate for the law as House Republicans look to repeal and replace the law. On Monday, House leadership released the American Heath Care Act, which has received criticism from conservative and some more moderate lawmakers.

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