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Obama`s associate facing 357 years in Prison

One of Barack Obama’s top political partners showed up in court this week to face charges that could place her in jail for a long time.

The Washington Examiner  reported that former Congresswoman Corrine Brown is confronting the long sentence and a $4.8 million fine to funnel a huge number of dollars from a non-profit charity, One Door for Education, into her own pocket.

When she first was chosen to Congress in 1992, Brown was charged by the Federal Election Commission blamed Brown for damaging various battle back laws. She allegedly acknowledged gifts from remote subjects and neglected to report the utilization of a corporate plane.

In 1998, Brown got the money for a $10,000 check from Rev. Henry Lyons, the disfavored leader of the National Baptist Convention who put in five years in government jail for misrepresentation. A short time later, she guaranteed she utilized the unreported cash to transport her supporters to an occasion.

In 2000, Brown battled a House Ethics examination concerning her endeavors to free detained West African tycoon Foutanga Dit Babani Sissoko from government jail. She approached Attorney General Janet Reno for help to give Sissoko a chance to out of jail, and however she was unsuccessful, she got another Lexus worth $50,000.

It’s sickening that Obama related himself with such an improper criminal for so long. 

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