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BREAKING: Lou Dobbs Calls On Speaker Paul Ryan To RESIGN

Speaker Paul Ryan was called to resign his post by the Popular Fox Business host Lou Dobbs. On Tuesday, after Breitbart released exclusive audio of speaker Ryan on a call with House reps, declaring he’d never defend President Trump again, Dobbs tweeted out his resignation tweet.

If you ask us, even with the sharpest memory we cannot recall a single time when Speaker Ryan defended President Trump.

The Ryan call took place last October, after a “locker room” tape of the Access Hollywood was released, and left Speaker Ryan uninvited to a Wisconsin rally.

Whatever is going on, Dobbs’ trust in the Speaker has clearly been shaken by the Ryan audio coupled with the Obamacare replacement challenges.

If you ask us, we cannot agree more with Lou Dobbs, and we would like to see Speaker Paul Ryan step down as soon as possible.

What these Obama marionets don’t undestand is that Obama is no longer here to have their back and give them a pat after every mistake they make. If they don’t behave and play by the rules, they are sooner or later going to be fired, and the swamp will be drained, just like Trump promised.

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