Sunday, October 22, 2017
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BREAKING: Obama’s Refugees Get Bad News — It’s Finally Happening!

The Refugee Resettlement Program suffered a setback on Monday when the Tennessee General Assembly and the State of Tennessee sued the Federal government challenging Obama’s refugee resettlement program.

Lawyers for the state are arguing that it violates Tennessee’s sovereignty under the 10th Amendment. Specifically, the lawsuit is in response to the federal government’s policy of commandeering state funds to re-settle refugees in the State.

I don’t know about you, but it’s becoming apparent what Obama has been up to all along.

First, he takes advantage of a crisis in Syria to import tens of thousands of Muslims from all over the globe to the US. Then, as President he strategically places them all around the country — in Republican heavy states — knowing that should they gain citizenship, they’ll vote Democrat.

Then, as soon as he leaves office what does he do? Focuses on “redistricting.” Yes, he wants to change all of the districts to include his newly imported citizens and give Democrats a permanent control of the country.

This is chilling!

Let’s work to end this resettlement program immediately and, in the mean time, hope that other states like Tennessee will rise up to challenge Obama’s legacy of tyranny.

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