Friday, October 20, 2017
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Fed-Up Michigan Residents Just Took Their Town Back From Muslims

The region around the Great Lakes isn’t just known about its gorgeous scenery, but also for their sanctuary cities. One of those cities is Sterling Heights, Michigan.

The Muslim population that is there wanted to build a mosque and Sterling Heights. At first, they were shut down immediately. However, they didn’t like this decision very much so they started harassing everyone in the city so that their plans get approved.

But the American Freedom Law Center is fighting back on behalf of seven of the Christian residents in the community. They have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Mayor Michael C. Taylor.

In addition, the lawyers are also trying to overrule the permission for building of the mosque.

Here is the official statement from them.

“It is evident that AICC wanted to ‘plant the flag’ in this Chaldean Christian community by building this huge Mosque.  This is a community of Christians, many of whom fled Iraq because they or family members were subjected to violence and abuse from ISIS.  Indeed, AICC’s zoning application was a joke.  It knew the City would reject it. Consequently, its lawsuit, which has now resulted in the Consent Judgment, was a complete set up.  Unfortunately, Sterling Heights isn’t the only place where these Mosque-building tactics are being employed.  We will do what we can to stop it.”

This is what the Obama administration has done folks. They enabled the Muslim population to prosper in America, while harming the Christians in this country.

I don’t know about you but I am very glad that someone is taking a stand against this political agenda.