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Hawaii Judge Who Halted Trump Travel Ban Gets Some BAD News – He’s DONE

Immigration is a hot-button issue. It’s also an issue and policy at the center of the new White House administration. The President made this clear when he signed his executive order shortly after the inauguration that temporarily halted immigration from several predominantly Muslim middle eastern countries. But he got backlash from liberals after doing this and the order was halted by a federal court judge.

Now he has signed a revised order that changes some provisions from the first. But on Wednesday evening U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson once again halted the Presidents revised plan. However, new problems surrounding his ruling are coming to light.

The judge admitted there would be no issue with the order except for his own interpretation of the President’s comments prior to the issuing of the order. Indicating it’s his own personal opinions and judgments swayed his ruling.

Oddly enough, or not, he was also a former classmate of President Obama’s at Harvard Law School. We all know the flaming liberal progressive the former President was. Just days prior to Watson’s ruling the former President patronized a restaurant just blocks away from the judge’s courthouse. It seems a wee bit close for comfort.

He also drove within five minutes of the judges home. They very easily could have had a secret meeting or even a not too secret meeting. Especially considering how blatantly close they were to one another. It would not be surprising to find the former President is interfering with the affairs of the current President considering how hard he worked to make sure he lost.

The judges ruling will not stand the test of time. It was so clearly done based on bias and personal opinions. That is not the purpose of being a judge and his behavior is completely unacceptable. The American people must hold him responsible.


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