Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Ann Coulter Calls To Impeach Judges Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban

As you know, two federal judges have blocked President Trump’s revised travel ban. This is the latest round of Liberal lunacy. These people are doing everything they can to stop President Trump from doing his job.

The judges are working directly against he will of the American people, just so they can push their own personal agenda.

I mean, don’t they get it? On the election, the people have spoken and chose Trump for President. This means that they have rejected the liberal ideology so the judges should stop pushing it once and for all.

For example, Ann Coulter made a very good point last night about these judges.

Here is what she tweeted/said:

“[The Republican Congress] ought to be impeaching those two travel ban judges immediately… It is against the Constitution.”

Watch the video:

And she is right folks. The judges are going against the Constitution of America. The Congress should definitely do something about this. By blocking the revised travel ban, they are directly stopping President Trump from making America safe again.

Don’t these liberals get it? President Trump isn’t pushing some personal agenda or vendetta. This man truly cares about our nation, truly wants to make America safe and great again.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Ann Coulter?

That the Congress should do something about this?