Sunday, October 22, 2017
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Breaking: Joe Biden Just Got Humiliating News About His Family, It’s Insane [Details]

Liiberals are always trying to present themselves as being moral and ethical, even though they’re the ones who have done so much lasting damage to our country’s values through their efforts to undermine traditional marriage, for example.

 They are always pointing fingers at prominent conservative families, sneering at Bristol Palin becoming pregnant while unmarried or even going so far as trying to mock 10 year old Barron Trump for no reason whatsoever. Now the tables have turned on them in a big way, as a scandal has hit Joe Biden’s family that is exposing them for who they truly are.

Last year, Joe Biden’s son Beau, a rising star in Democratic political circles, tragically died of brain cancer. This is deeply sad, but the surviving family members’ response to it is nothing short of perverse.

According to reports, Beau’s widow was so lonely that she ended up sleeping with Joe’s other son Hunter. Hunter was married at the time, and now his estranged wife Kathleen is filing for divorce from him.

 Hunter Biden has a long and checkered past that his father Joe managed to keep out of the spotlight until now. Hunter has spent vast quantities of the Biden family fortune on prostitutes, drugs and strip clubs. He joined the military but had to leave after he tested positive for cocaine. While he was still married, he had an account on, the website for people who wish to cheat on their spouses. Are you glad Joe Biden is no longer our Vice President?