Friday, October 20, 2017
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Dear April, You Can Accumulate Wealth – Signed Common Sense Americans.

Liberals are not known for their understanding of basic economics. They seem to think that wealth is limited to finite resources and that to expand into new markets means you have to go to other countries to sell things rather than just create a new market with a new product.

They have no understanding of market incentives, and they cannot seem to grasp the concept that people entering the workforce will generally start off poor but then raise their economic status over time.

Liberals honestly believe that if one person has more wealth, then another must have less, even though wealth is virtually unlimited as it is always being created, (In a free market society of course.)

However, this story takes the cake when it comes to liberal economic ignorance. You would think that liberals could at least understand the basic concept of wealth accumulation, that if you save and invest your money you can make more. However, for this liberal at least this is not the case.

Via Subject Politics

While presenting Trump’s 2005 tax returns, Maddow revealed that Trump made $150 million dollars that year. Once she heard that, April Ryan RUSHED to twitter and issued a tweet that WILL LIVE IN INFAMY!

As you might expect once Trumps supporters caught wind of this tweet they unleashed a firestorm of humorous responses.

All of us are sometimes misunderstood. We will say and type things, and they do not come out the way we intended. Maybe that is the case for April. However, it seems like her tweet was not misunderstood to me.

Liberals love to think of themselves the enlightened few. The shepherds that will guide the lost sheep of humanity to the salvation of Big Government.

However, the only reason they can hold some of their viewpoints is out of ignorance of the real world.

Hopefully, Miss April will think twice next time she decides to shoot her mouth off.