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James Mattis Makes MASSIVE Announcement About Muslim Brotherhood

Trump has repeated been said to have a talent for picking the “right people” to work with him. Looks like this was True.

Defense Secretary James Mattis nominated former US Ambassador to Egypt Ann Patterson to serve as the undersecretary of defense for policy, the top civilian post at the Pentagon. Now that nomination has been withdrawn following revelations about Patterson’s activities while serving as ambassador in Egypt.

A senior congressional aide reportedly said that “Patterson has a well-documented track record of sticking up for extremist groups at every turn. Her selection would mean elevating someone whose views not only run counter to the president’s, but US national security as well.”

Trump’s pick Mattiss has America’s best interests in mind. The moment he found out that the person he nominated might be a threat to national security he got rid of her.

While it may seem like an “extreme” move to remove someone for only wanting to negotiate with “hostile forces” consider this. The  Muslim Brotherhood is a brutal TERRORIST Organisation. They fully support Sharia law and have turned everywhere they go into a nightmare.

These are people who have no problem with suicide bombers. Their mindset is not one that can be negotiated with. They seek to destroy western civilization.

The problem with trying to negotiate with them is that it would validate them as a sovereign power. This would in turn significantly strengthen their cause. Furthermore, they want all western values destroyed.

The left is still living in its fantasyland where they think that Sharia Law and Islam are peaceful. They don’t seem to realize that the Muslim Brotherhood follows the teachers of the “prophet” Mohammed who commanded all Muslim’s to wage  Jihad against all non-Muslims.

While it would be slightly different if these people were willing to coexist with the West, the fact is they are not.

Thankfully President Trump is not playing the politically correct game. Trump will stand up to extremist groups like the Muslim brotherhood to defend our American way of life.


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